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So VIPs won the Billboard Fan Army Face-Off and I literally could not be more proud of our amazing fandom. We fought hard and we proved ourselves and I just know BIGBANG is going to be so so happy and proud of us too;; We didn’t just win we slayed… 91% of the votes in the final race!! That’s how VIPs do it; go big or go home. I’M SO PROUD OF US! We’re not just a fandom we’re a family and we’re clearly a force not to be messed with. *ultimate VIP fandom group hug*

Also I want to thank all kpop fans who helped us out because I know it’s not just VIPs who voted I know a lot of the other fandoms helped out and I’m so freaking proud of us kpop fans are literally a family that’s all there is to it ;___;

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